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Would you prefer to choose your own wineries and create your own Long Island wine tour? With our custom tour builder, you can create your own wine tour package. Building your own Long Island wine tour does not mean that the wine tour will cost you more or less money. It all depends on the winery selection coupled with your group size, pickup location and vehicle rate. However, Long Island Vineyards charge anywhere from $8.00 to $40.00 for their wine flights, $20.00 to $100 for a vineyard tour and $20.00 to $55.00 for VIP style service.

We have nearly 140 options including wine tours of a winery, vineyard walks, lunch at a winery, pairing wines with breakfast, cheese, chocolate or artisanal cheese-breads, tastings in a private room with optional cheese, be a wine maker for a day, blending sessions, table service, restaurant options and more. East End Wine Tasting Tours offers more options and things to do in Long Island wine country than any other tour company.

* One can visit a winery as long as you meet the criteria for chosen wineries. Some require pre-payment in full, others have time restrictions, others do not permit certain groups ( party – bachelorette for example), some do not permit outside food, etc.

Please choose from the wineries listed below. If you prefer something specific or a certain experience, please fill out the form below in the “Additional” Visitor area.

UPDATED 10.10.2017

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